Architecture and Extreme Environments

Architectural design that makes a difference. Through a site-specific approach, this Master programme aims to respond to present and future global challenges through research by design, fine-tuned site specific strategies and active expeditions to remote world locations where 1:1 architectural prototypes are put to the test to inform and innovate building design at home and abroad.

We mediate our presence in our environment via design and technology, often disregarding the environmental impact. It is our intention to investigate the artistic potential of working with technology not only as a performance orientated design parameter, but also as a process charged with aesthetic potential and cultural implications with sustainable aims, from building scale all the way to detail.  Changing the area of study yearly, the programme has engaged so far in the following contexts: 2014/15 - The Arctic (Iceland, Svalbard and Greenland), 2015/16 - The Amazon (Brazil), 2016/17 - The Gobi (China), 2017/18 with east Africa (Tanzania), 2018/19 Alaska (USA) and 2019/20 The Atacama (Chile)

Architecture and Extreme Environments engages actively with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the teaching goals.